Trial Lesson Request Letter

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Trial Lesson Request Letter

Prescreening 결과가 나오면대다수의 응시자가 오디션 일정표를 작성하는데이때 많은 응시자가 오디션 전에, trial lesson을 하기를 원합니다결론부터 말씀 드리면가능하면 trial lesson은 신청 하는 것이 바람직하다고 하겠습니다


많은 학교들이 홈페이지에 우리 학교 교수들은 trial lesson 하는 것을 매우 기쁘고 긍정적으로 생각한다고 하고 있고 기존 응시자들도 매우 도움이 됐다고 얘기하는 것을 들었습니다학교마다과마다교수마다 상황이 틀리겠지만대부분 conservatory나 사립학교들은 보편적으로 교수들이 오디션 전에 레슨 하는 것이 일반적입니다 


참고로, Juilliard School 입학요강에 나와 있는 교수 contact 조항에는 다음과 같이 언급하고 있습니다.


Though it is not required, it is common for applicants to set up a meeting/lesson with studio faculty members in advance of their auditions. While Admissions does not make arrangements for such meetings, we can provide contact information for teachers who have indicated their availability to meet with prospective applicants. Due to their schedules, not all faculties are able to meet with applicants. You are welcome to e-mail Admissions to request contact information for up to four studio faculty members. Scheduling and payment is then up to you.  


We encourage applicants to research all studio faculties for their departments by reviewing faculty bios, recordings, consulting with your current teachers and any current or former students of our faculty.  


Teacher selections are confidential. This means that studio faculty is not advised of the teacher preference selections you make on your application until after admissions decisions are finalized and the teachers are consulted about studio availability.   


Your audition will be scheduled based on the availability of your first-choice teacher, as noted on your application, to hear you perform. If your first-choice teacher will not attend auditions, you will be scheduled based on your second-choice teacher's attendance, and so on. For departments with larger faculty, not all teachers attend all audition days. Therefore, it may not be possible for all of your preferred teachers to hear your audition.  


Once auditions are scheduled, Juilliard cannot make any changes to the audition schedule. Audition dates/times cannot be changed due to an update or change in your teacher preferences  


주립 대학들은 그렇지 않은 경우도 많지만어쨌던 오디션 전에 교수 contact , trial lesson을 신청하는 것은 긍정적인 결과를 얻는 경우가 많습니다경우에 따라서는 prescreening recording 을 보내라고 해서 평을 해주고 오디션 전에 한번 레슨하자는 경우도 있습니다경비문제가 발생할 수도 있는 것이 사실이지만 오디션 전에 1~2번 레슨 받는 것은 분위기에 적응하고 경험을 쌓는다는 점에서 중요하다고 하겠습니다교수에게 좋은 인상을 심어주기도 하고요